Monday, 16 December 2013

Training for the First Time!

Monday 18th of November, 2013

Sam is training a greenie! His name is Elder Calderwood from Juneau Alaska who is really easy to get along with. This week they've been learning how to teach the Restoration, and how to begin teaching. He took Elder Calderwood tracting and they both enjoyed it, even though it wasn't very successful! Their goal is to tract out the area, if they tract 2 hours a day they should be able to get it done before Sam gets transferred.

They got to go to the temple on Wednesday and Sam got to see Elder Ballard (his previous companion, not the Apostle) and the Ropers from his last ward. It was a really uplifting experience for him and he learns something new every time he goes! He can't wait until the next time he goes (in 3 months though).

They also got to go to their wards chilli cook-off, they were judges so they got to eat 7 helpings of chilli, some of it was good, most of it just tasted like chilli. The best in Sams opinion was the Freeman's (one of his favourite families to visit), it had taco seasoning in it, which made it different from the rest.

There were some non-members there who they got to talk to, and a less active lady they have been working with came to it as well. They received a referral from one of the members as well, so they'll be following up on that this week.

On Saturday was the day of service from 8am - 4pm, they helped make toy aeroplanes and cars for children, Sam used a loom and made two hats, it took over two hours just to make the hats but it was worth it. He stuffed some 'hugs' which is like a pillow with hands, and for the majority of the time he helped with some yard-work, there were a lot of people there, with chain saws, diggers, and other tools and they cleared a lot of trees from 'boys town', a place for troubled children.

They just got a new investigator last night, Preston Keeler invited one of his friends to church, and gave him a Book of Mormon and a Restoration pamphlet. They had dinner at their house that night and talked to Ryan about the Book of Mormon and why he was interested in the church. He wants to learn more so they're hoping to meet with him again next week :)

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