Saturday, 14 December 2013

Photo Update from P-Day

Tuesday 29th of October, 2013

This blog post is more of a photo update. 

Today they went hiking up Mount Charleston for their P-Day activity, it was 30F with really strong winds so it was FREEZING, he was so glad he decided to bring the winter coat or it would have been miserable. There were actually frozen waterfalls up there.

So on the way back down the mountain there were a lot of switchbacks, Elder Hartsock decided to take a shortcut, however he built up too much speed, lost his grip and tumbled down the rocks and came to a stop on a well placed boulder. He could barely walk and it took him about another hour longer to get down from the mountain than everybody else. They went to see the mission medical person who advised he needs to rest for a few days. 

Mount Charleston

Sam taking selfies with the view of the mountains and also in a cave!

Elder Bloomfield

Last week they got a chance to carve some pumpkins with the Zerkle Family. Sam made Tux the penguin. He also made one which looked like it had been shot in the head, and he made a big exit wound at the back with all the insides of the pumpkin.

Elder Hartsock and Sam with their finished pumpkins

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