Friday, 13 December 2013

Hard Work = Success

Monday 9th of September, 2013
So this week has been a good week! They Invited their investigator to church (Karla Lopez), and she showed up with her two sisters who are also interested and each want a copy of the Book of Mormon. So they now have 1 progressing investigator, 2 new investigators, and 3 other investigators, bringing them up to 6 investigators so far! It's a shame Sam will be leaving soon, however he is ready to leave as he pretty much knows every person on the ward directory and where they live. It's so hard for him to keep working since the area is so small.
They tried a new way of planning, and this week is packed with things to do, Elder Ballard wrote up a member-lesson calendar, which they passed around, they should hopefully be teaching 20 lessons this week which will be great!
This morning they drove out to the ravines in the middle of nowhere, and had an airsoft war which was fun, they have some cuts and bruises from it, but it was a really fun 2 hours for them.
Sam tried the Spartacus workout, and nearly made himself ill, that workout is insane, there's a reason you're only supposed to do it 3 days a week! 20 minutes and he was drenched in sweat, it's supposed to be really good for losing weight as well, he has gained a few pounds being there so that should be good.
He is also really looking forward to their Apostolic visit tomorrow, he is hoping they will announce when they will be getting iPads! Sam thinks its great being able to see photos from back home, he loves being able to see what's been happening! 

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