Saturday, 14 December 2013

Quick Update

Monday 30th of September, 2013

This week has been a busy week, they taught 30 lessons, they were all short messages with a commitment to either read, pray or go to church. Sam likes the members in this area, they all live close by since the area is small, so they can visit them often.
He received the other packages with his birthday gifts and he loves the missionary penguin :)  It's always exciting for him to receive packages! 

There's not a whole lot to report this week, they've been really busy, Sam got ill on Saturday because one of their investigators (an old lady named Terri) fed them some sort of out of date pie and he felt ill the whole day.

A member showed them around his house, it's completely off the grid, he has no utility bills, he has his own well for water, which is also used for heating/AC and solar panels and wind turbines for electricity. They are going to his again on Saturday to watch conference, and chop wood between sessions.

Sam has been practicing the piano and he is getting better at playing the entertainer, the Astles (the people who they're living with) also got him some guitar strings for the guitar for his birthday, so he is going to try and learn to play Rylynn by Andy McKee.

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