Saturday, 14 December 2013

General Conference

Monday 14th of October, 2013

Sam is enjoying his new area still and had a good week this week. They assembled a back stretcher where they live, so you pretty much clamp your feet in and you hang upside down, apparently its fun and pretty relaxing, they just have to make sure they don't black out!

Sam loved General Conference! It's the first time he has watched all ten hours! All the missionaries enjoyed it when Elder Bednar called non-tithe payers to repentance! Sam loved Elder Hollands talk, one of the people they are working with is suffering from depression, so they are hoping that talk helped her.

Sam was surprised at the statistics about how society is changing, a lot less people are getting married, a lot less people are having children, he has been reading through second Nephi and these are the times Isaiah was prophesying about!

All he needs right now is a jumper, it's still around 60-65°F here, and it's colder than usual for this time of the year, the weather is really nice right now.

He was glad to hear his sisters baby is healthy, he really thought it would be a boy, but it is a girl so it was a surprise for him! He loved seeing the scan photos :)

Today he is going to be playing american football, he doesn't really know how the game works but he has a bit of an idea so hopefully it will go well for him!

The place where he is staying in Las Vegas, NV, is really nice, and the Astle's are really nice people as well! She got him a tie for his 21st birthday and it was a really nice one. He has also learned the Eldredge knot.

There's a community they call the 'dog pound', because all the names of the streets are types of dog, like Saint Bernard St, Springer Spaniel St etc..

Every Wednesday they do service at a care centre for old people, they call bingo for them, Sam got to do it this week and it was really fun for him! They have different types of games like "layered cake" and "postage stamp". Then there's one old lady who might be a bit senile who keeps calling bingo every few minutes :P

Sam can play most of The Entertainer on the piano now! He is going to start learning to play If You Could Hie To Kolob next :)

Oh, and one of his investigators in the last area, Daniel, has been set with a baptismal date, so he should hopefully be attending his baptism on October 19th!

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