Saturday, 14 December 2013

First Transfer

Tuesday 24th of September, 2013

Sam got transferred! He is now in the Tule Springs Zone, in the Deer Springs ward, his companion is Elder Hartsock, he's 6' 8" and plays for BYU basketball.

Sam received all the parcels from everyone!  He thanks everyone so much, he really appreciated everyone taking the time to put the packages together! Sam and Elder Hartsock are going to have a lot more stuff to do now!

They are living with members now, who have a really nice home, they have their own bedroom, bathroom and study room. Pretty much everything is provided for them in this new place, they even said they can practice the piano whenever they want, so hopefully he will get the entertainer down soon!

The Granthams from Sam's last ward gave him a guitar as they had an exchange student leave it there and it's been gathering dust, so they wanted Sam to make use of it :)

Sam had no idea what the bug was that went around, but members are still getting ill. He just ended up getting bad headaches, no appetite and feeling really ill, he managed to sleep it off in a few hours though.

They went for another hike yesterday, they managed to get pretty high up on the mountains, the views were amazing. Sam got cut up quite a bit since the rocks were really sharp, but overall it lasted 5 hours and he loved it.

Sam thinks its really weird seeing his sister Maghan the size she is! He thinks its great to see the photos of her bump getting slowly bigger.

The weather has been a lot cooler lately, it was 70°F in the morning with a bit of wind chill and he was actually shivering! He has adjusted to the heat over there really well!

Also, good news about the ward Sam is in now, Elder Hartsock told him that they have been getting the highest number of lessons in the zone for nearly 3 months now, they are averaging about 18 lessons per week, and that is without the lessons to active members. The zone weekly total is just over 20 lessons, so they were pretty much making the majority of the lessons for the zone! So it should be fun here for him, the area is small but there's a lot of work to do. Elder Ballard is now training, so it should hopefully be a good experience for him.

Sister Sudweeks from the mission office talked to Sam the other day and wants him to help out with the mission blog, so he will hopefully be doing that soon!

Also, on Sam's last lesson with Sean and Amy, Sean spent 1 hour showing him all his rifles and hand guns after the lesson. He had dud bullets so he learned how to load the guns and eject the bullets. He had laser sights and everything, he put over $2000 into modding one of his guns. He also gave him a hollowpoint bullet which he has been carrying around, unfortunately he wont be able to bring it home with him, but it's a nice reminder of the Thomason family!

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