Monday, 3 February 2014

English Weather in Las Vegas?

Wednesday, 25th November 2013

This week has been cold and wet, it felt like England again for Sam, but it luckily only lasted 3 days! Now the sun is out again and its melting the snow on the mountains.

Sam had a fun day on Saturday, he went on exchanges with the zone leaders, he went with Elder Frost in his area, and Elder Wilcock stayed with Elder Calderwood on their area. Sam had the car so it was nice to have the chance to warm up after walking around in the rain. The training is going well with Elder Calderwood, they've been tracting more, and they are going to try something called 'Inspiration Tracting', where they both pray over a list of the streets in their area, and write down which ones they feel prompted to tract, then whichever streets they both feel prompted to tract they will go and do.

Sam should still be in the same area for Christmas, as he will be training for 12 weeks, there are 9 weeks left of training, so unless something bad happens, neither of them should get transferred this transfer.

The work is picking up, they've been receiving referrals, and they tracted out some potential investigators, so hopefully they can get the ball rolling, the Tule Springs zone isn't a very high baptizing area, Sam is not sure why but he is not going to stop working just because of that!

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