Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Weird Las Vegas

Monday 17th April, 2014

Sam was teaching a lesson at Mary Allen's house, she got her daughter back from CPS, and has completely changed, if you could see her now compared to six weeks ago you would be amazed, the Gospel really does change people and bless families. As they were finishing up they heard a helicopter outside, she lives in a pretty bad part of this area, so it was searching around with a search light, and as they walked out of her apartment it shone on them. Sam wonders what they thought "oh, it's just missionaries, obviously they haven't done anything... keep looking!"
They had a new investigator named Michael come to church. He had a panic attack outside of one of their other investigators homes (Helen) and now he's living there until he can get back on his feet. During the gospel principles lesson he went off on a tangent about how he is Michael the Archangel and how he's a warrior. Then he had a random outburst when he was explaining what anger was. He also believes he can't die, but he'll give him the benefit of the doubt, he probably meant that he couldn't kill himself because he couldn't bring himself to do it. (But in other words, he is totally out of it and needs professional help).
Talking of insane people, they had a random guy walk up to Sam and his companion while teaching Zoa (they teach her outside her apartment). He asked Sam what his favourite scripture was, he told him about Alma chapter 7, and he started playing this pipe. He explained that he covers all six holes and blows through it, and it plays the tone of E. Then said he couldn't make the tone without the pipe, and that was just like that scripture. Sam had no idea what he was talking about. He then wandered off, and came back 10 minutes later with his hand painted blue, and pulled a song he had written out of his pocket and asked Sam to read it out, he had to censor it a lot, but it didn't really make any sense.
Then they had a musical fireside last night, during it Sam got a call from a guy named Anthony, he wasn't able to answer the phone, but he sent a text saying he was never going to trust them or any other missionaries again, that they betrayed his trust and told his girlfriend everything he said about her. They've never talked to her, and all she has done is lie to him and get him into all sorts of trouble. Last week he got jumped on by 8 people, who were then waiting outside of his apartment and he didn't know what to do, so they spent 2 hours trying to convince him to call the police, but he wouldn't do it. Sam ended up playing a game in the back of his planner with his 8 year old son Alex, who they offered to find a safe place for him to stay, but he wanted to take him back to the apartment where the gang was, he really needs to get his act together.
They got 5 new investigators this week, they should be setting some with a date pretty soon, they already have one (John Bolin) who said he's read the entire book of Mormon and is ready to be baptized on May 10th.

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