Thursday, 11 September 2014


Monday 5th of May, 2014

This week has been amazing, they taught 28 lessons again, they had 9 investigators at church, 6 are set with a baptismal date, and 2 more are progressing towards baptism.

Eric Laurence came to church. They had a lesson with him earlier in the week, about the scattering and gathering of Israel (it's fascinating to study, Sam and Elder Bowser had one of their best companionship studies yet), Sam mentioned that if he was baptized he could receive a patriarchal blessing and he explained what they were about. He responded "What do you mean if I'm baptized?" So Sam re-phrased the statement to say when he was baptized and he was really happy about it. At church he got up and bore testimony, it was an overall powerful meeting, the Spirit was really strong. They met with him for a short lesson after church and he wants to work towards baptism on the 30th of this month.

They also have Eric Blodgett who has been interviewed and is ready for baptism, he's been investigating for 25 years, he's wanting to get baptized either this week or next, they haven't set a specific date yet.

Finally there's the Gardner family, Brother Gardner is a member but has been less active most of his life, he is wanting to work towards receiving the Melchizedek priesthood on the 18th so that he can baptize his wife (Bin, she's Asian, and their three children Candy, Jane and Joey) on the 24th.

Helen is going to  be starting the stop smoking program next week, she's ran into some financial difficulty and needs to take care of that situation, but as soon as she's given up smoking and coffee she's ready to be baptized, she's coming to church every week, and she is really sensitive to the Spirit.

Also on a random note, Sam caught a lizard/gecko thingy outside their apartment, he called him Jeffrey, but he refused to eat part of his meatball sub or the half a grape he put in his box, so he let him go free the next day. 

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