Thursday, 11 September 2014


Monday 27th of May, 2014

This week has to have been the best on Sams mission so far. He had six baptisms, one on Wednesday and five on Saturday.

On Wednesday Eric Blodgett was baptized, and he was confirmed on Sunday, he still has a lot going on, but now with the gift of the Holy Ghost he should be better prepared to face his challenges.

On Saturday, Brother Tim Gardner was able to baptize his whole family, the spirit was really strong, and while Sam was standing next to the font as a witness, he started crying, just a bit, it was an amazing day. 

Helen Davis who gave up smoking and coffee was baptized also, and all the confirmations were on the Sunday. Sam had the privilege of doing three of the confirmations, he confirmed Helen, Bin and Jane.

This week hasn't been without it's drama and opposition however! Eric Laurence dropped them over a small misunderstanding. He doesn't like to be picked up from outside of his apartment, since he doesn't like people knowing he is not home, so instead he meets Sam and his companion outside of Jack in the Box before going to the church for their lessons. Well Sam called Brother Guthrie and asked him if he could pick Eric up from Jack in the Box, which he agreed, however he forgot and went to Eric's apartment instead. Eric called them and asked them to tell Brother Guthrie he drove past him, so they called Brother Guthrie and told him Eric wasn't at his apartment, and Eric calls back and tells them he doesn't want any contact, that he's tired of people showing up without calling him first. It was sad, but there's obviously a deeper problem than just that.

They had a great Zone Conference this week, a lot of great training was received. It's from 8am - 4pm so it's pretty tiring, but also really useful. Sam made a custom ring tone for their phone with Sam just saying 'Ring... Ring.... Ring....' and it went off in the middle of the last talk which Sister Ahlander was giving which was pretty funny.

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