Monday, 15 September 2014

Eventful Sunday

Monday 21st of July, 2014

So Sam got an unexpected call on Thursday, President Ahlander called Sam and asked him to be the district leader here, so he'll be staying in the Evergreen Ward another 6 weeks! His new companion is Elder Matheson, and they will be getting a car, so hopefully they will be getting a lot more work done this transfer.
So now Sam has to prepare district meetings each week, go on exchanges, call in stats, do baptismal interviews, and just make sure everything is going well in the district. It should be an interesting learning experience for him.

So yesterday was eventful. After sacrament meeting a sister came up to Sam and his companion and told them there was somebody who needed their help. It was a guy around their age (21), and he said he needed to get a ride up to Reno, and that he has no where to stay. He borrowed someone's phone to make a phone call, and two guys walked into the chapel and one said "Don't make us drag you out of here", and the kid didn't want to leave with them, so one of them leaned over the pew and grabbed him by the shirt and tried to drag him out. Luckily the bishop asked them what the problem was, and they started talking about how Hernan had beat up their dad and smashed their windows and slashed their car tyres. He started crying and turned to Sam and told him that he just needed to get out of there. So Sam took him into one of the side rooms to make a phone call with one of the priests, and Elder Matheson went with Brother Hirschi (he works for Metro Police) to talk to the guys who walked in. One of them said "We just want to talk to him", and pulled out surgical gloves and started putting them on his hands. Brother Hirschi told them that he doesn't care about what beef they have between each other, but that it was a church building and that there were children there, and he doesn't want them doing anything. They had some people from Elder Quorum waiting at the exits, since he wasn't allowed to leave until the police came. He asked Sam if they were calling the police, and he just told him that he didn't know what they were planning to do. The police came and talked to the guy who got assaulted, and Hernan left in handcuffs, he had a warrant out for his arrest. So that was a pretty exciting sacrament meeting.

Then last Monday, after transfers, they were giving Elder Denton and Elder Cease a ride back to their apartment. Elder Cease commented that the apartments on the other side of the road looked nicer than theirs. Sam commented that they probably get less black-outs than they do, and literally the second he said that, all the power went out on the street, the traffic lights, the apartments. It honestly couldn't have been timed any better!

Sam loves Elder Matheson, they've been getting along really well, they've picked up the work a lot, his last week with Ete they only taught 5 lessons, this week they taught 16. They've also been contacting a lot more part member and less active families as well, and have some referrals to contact still as well. So they're staying pretty busy. Having the car makes the work so much easier, they can actually spend more time contacting people, rather than biking everywhere.

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