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Thursday 13th of January, 2014

So another week has passed in the field and a start of a new year, the time is going so quickly for Sam right now! Sam and Elder Calderwood are getting along great, he is going to ask President Ahlander to consider keeping them together one more transfer.

It's really warm over there, 50's and 60's which is really nice, he is wearing a short sleeve shirt!
This week has been a good week, they have got two new investigators, and have a few potentials as well.

There is a young black boy named Joshua who has been going to their ward every few weeks, and they went by his house to meet with his family, they taught his mam (Tracy) outside, and she was really interested in the fact there were prophets in America. They will be going back tomorrow with a Book of Mormon and hopefully Joshua will be there this time so that he can be involved as well.

They also went tracting yesterday with Jake Ludwig in their ward, in the ensign-story style, they were about to go to dinner, and it was the last house on the street, Elder Calderwood knocked the door, talked about families and asked if it would be something she would be willing to learn more about, surprisingly she said yes, then invited them in. That's the first time they have been invited into someone's house there and then for a discussion when tracting. Her name is Moreena (Not sure on spelling), and she told them how important her family was to her (she has photos of them everywhere). She is pretty young, around the same age as Sam and Elder Calderwood, and Sam asked her why she felt to let us in, she told them she wasn't really sure, just that it was Sunday and she was getting ready to go to church. So the timing worked out well, and she already has a religious background, so hopefully more will come of this!

They also had a cool experience where they received a referral from a member, and they went by his house and spoke to him for a while, he was a pretty funny person and they had a good discussion with him outside, but he wasn't really interested. After leaving they felt like they could have said something more, so they got a Book of Mormon and left a message in the front cover for him, with the intent of leaving it for him on his porch, however once they went back Sam just felt like they should knock, so he came to the door again, and surprisingly he didn't mind and accepted the book. They probably wont see anything from that yet, but it is a seed that's been planted, and it would have stuck in his mind that they stopped by twice, so hopefully he will start reading more from the right sources (it seems like he's read some anti stuff before). His name is Tom Garvey.

This week they are hoping to meet with Todd Johnson, Harold and Greg, the first two they tracted into, and Greg is a former investigator from a while back, he invited them back, but wasn't able to invite them in since he had been waiting on a call for two hours and had just got through (something to do with Obamacare, nobody likes that there, and from what Sam has heard, it's terrible).

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