Sunday, 14 July 2013

Las Vegas Temple

Wednesday, 29th May 2013

This week you will probably notice is it a Wednesday and not  a Monday! This is because it was Memorial Day on Monday so the libraries were closed. 

Sam went to the Las Vegas Temple today for an endowment session, he said it was a great experience and that the temple is beautiful!


Yesterday he found a bird on the road outside of his apartment, he was on his way to a lesson so he put the bird in some bushes where it was shaded, when he came back the bird was still alive, so he took it in and give it some water and tried to feed it, but when he woke up it was dead.

So far Sam has taught 14 lessons, he is wanting to get more than 60 lessons this transfer! One of the missionaries in his apartment got a new companion, they seem to be getting along really well, they are laughing and talking all the time, before now Sam had never heard Elder Harper talk to his companion!
Since Elder Blanco has been made District Leader, Sam will be going on exchanges a lot more often, so he will get the opportunity to serve with a lot more missionaries. There are two missionaries they both get on especially well with, Elder Golden & Elder Reel, yesterday they nearly flooded Elder Harper & Elder John's bathroom, which Sam thought was pretty funny!
Sam is starting to appreciate the atonement a lot more now, he has been learning more about it and he doesn't think anyone will ever fully comprehend what Jesus did for us. 

Weather Forecast = 40°C on Sunday!




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  1. Hello Elder Kennedy's Family! I am Elder Golden's mom. I found your blog and have enjoyed reading it! I hope he continues to enjoy the LVW Mission! Elder Golden is a little (okay A LOT) crazy! He has a horrible sense of humor.
    Sister Kristi Golden
    Astoria, OR
    MM to Elder Jacob Golden