Sunday, 9 June 2013

Whats that?!?

Monday, April 22nd 2013

Sam has had a lot more success this week than last. He has taught 12 lessons and even got a new investigator! It was the guy named Devonte who they tracted into last week. He told them he used to be Pentecostal, but he has since stopped going to church and is looking for something new, but he isn't sure what. The good news is that he is really receptive to the message about the restoration and he even accepted a Book of Mormon. They will be visiting him again in two weeks time!

Sam is also teaching two boys called Hunter and Connery, Hunter is 11 and Connery is a bit older. Sam gets on really well with Hunter, he likes Sam's accent and he plays Minecraft all the time so they have a lot to talk about. It seems as though he doesn't pay attention during the lessons but then suddenly he says things which show he actually is!

Sam and his companion were walking with Hunter to a members house to teach him, since it helps him concentrate better, and on the way they saw something hanging from the was a HUGE beehive!

Sam also visited a guy called Jim Davenport, he is a veteran from the Korean war, he lost both his legs and was in the marines, he said he was in G3. Sam said he was the most interesting person he had ever talked to, in fact, he could have talked to him all day! He just has had so many experiences he could write a book (which Sam thinks he might have already) He is also an amazing artist, he showed Sam one of his drawings of a pub he visited in Ireland, he did it in pen as well which made it even more impressive. 

Sam visited a family who had him and his companion over for dinner, Brother Russell, he has a degree in Physics and Astrophysics, he is from Birmingham so it was nice for Sam to hear a British accent! Of course they talked a lot but about science and religion, Sam thought it was great that he was able to discuss the Schrodinger equation and the n-body problem over dinner!!!

Sam found something interesting that he noticed in his scripture study, in the Book of Moses, when Moses tries to cast out Satan, on the first two attempts it didn't work, but on the third he did it in the name of Jesus Christ and then Satan was forced to depart, Sam thought that it was pretty interesting.

Since the area Sam is in is a cycling area, this means he has to cycle in his suit in the hot weather, but the area is pretty small so not too much cycling to do! This is the area he has to cycle.






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